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Family Potrait: Chris Rock & Family

Check out Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak, and their two daughters, Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah. The Rock family came out to support the opening of the animated film Bee Movie, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock as Mooseblood the Mosquito.

chris rock family bee Family Potrait: Chris Rock & Family

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  1. Chris Rock definitely has a beautiful family and I have seen ads running for ‘Bee Movie’ and looks like a good family movie. Unfortunately it comes out the same day as ‘American Gangster’, so with my Denzel being my favorite actor, I guess you can imagine which of the two I will be seeing first.

  2. I just like seeing love and family in Hollywood. With all the negative and infamous press, it’s nice to see something positive.

  3. I know I’m wrong…
    I’m going to say it anyway…
    Everytime I look @ him, and I think about that woman (she looked like a cracked out wrestler) who said he was her baby daddy. All I can say is what was he thinking!

  4. i thought they broke up????
    i guess i need to come from under the rock more often. ;-(

    @marcus – yeah, i can see it now in the press. denzel shoots kids movie at the box.

    the bee movie ain’t gotta chance against, d, russell and ridley “american gangster”. i was in hollywood three weeks ago and there was AG posters everywhere. billboard, buses, etc. you name it.

  5. @Chelle: I can’t believe he thought for a second that kid could be his. I am proud of him for stepping up to the plate unlike Eddie Murphy, but at the same time I shake my head, too

    @ML & Lance: I’m going to the Bee Movie, my 3 years old missed The Dinosaur Show, so I am going to take him to see his first movie. Sorry Denzel, family before streets.

  6. I think Julius Tingman would be proud of Chris. Head of State greatly helped pave the way for Barack Obama.

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