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Family Portrait: Thandie Newton & Daughters

I always wondered if Thandie Newton had kids, or if she is or was married. Now I know, she has been married since 1997 and has two daughters. Here are some pics of Thandi Newton with her two daughters, Ripley (7), and Nico (2). I also just learned that her mother was a Zambabwean Shona Princess. I didn’t know Thandie was from Zambia, Africa. Her full name is Thandiwe and it means “Beloved”.

thandie newton kids Family Portrait: Thandie Newton & Daughters

[Pictures Courtesy of Just Jared]

thandie newton kids2 Family Portrait: Thandie Newton & Daughters

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  1. I know danggone well she saw that baby’s head before she left home. Her head don’t look a mess!

  2. Now I know she’s really ok with the hair thing. Like mother, like daughter. LOL!!!

    But, don’t think I overlooked your informative finds. I never knew her interesting history and that her full name was Thandiwe. Thanks for the insight :-)

  3. Thandie is wrong for allowing her daughters to go out looking like that. She could have at least wrapped a scarf around their heads.

    To add to Lisa’s comment, thank you for the added information about Thandie’s mom and her full name.

  4. Uuum, all three of ‘em need to pass a comb thru their heads…

  5. Thandie is such a beautiful young woman, and her daughters are lovely.
    Her youngest is adorable, with her mother’s face and lovely blonde curly hair.
    Regardless of what people may say, i think her daughter’s look fine… all people should be proud of their heritage!

  6. If she’s a Zimbabwean princess, she’d be from Zimbabwe, not Zambia. They’re two different countries.

  7. Thandie Newton is from Zambia, and her mother is from Zimbabwe. Her mother moved to Zambia where she met her father. I can see how the way I wrote it could be misunderstood, but I’m aware they are two different countries. Thanks

  8. shes a pretty woman,,fo real,,never knew she was zimbabwean,,,
    the kids are so adorable

  9. Her kids are absolutely beautiful, however, they are little girls and that requires getting their hair combed. She could have just brushed the little one hair either straight back in a pony tail or a high afro puff pony tail on top of her head. Really very simple to do. The bigger one hair is fine, she should have taken down the braids and brushed it straight back in a pony tail. Me personally, my daughter, never goes out without being well groomed with matching hair accessories. That is the fun in having a little girl.

  10. Cute daughters ! If you want beautiful children, marry a white guy girls. ;)

  11. Cute daughters ! If you want beautiful children, marry a white guy girls. ???
    What the hell does that mean? I hate to burst your bubble rollx but having a child by a white guy will not guarantee you a “cute kid!” Your comment was quite ignorant. You must be really dark and unattractive and the only way for you to get noticed is by having a kid by a white guy. I hope you o and it comes out uglier than sin.Go bleach your skin:) And yes, I am a beautiful black woman with gorgeous black children and a gorgeous black husband.

  12. @ NVME: I agree that was certainly ignorant statement, I would delete it, but I will leave it so people can see how crazy some people are. Hopefully it was a joke @ Rollx

  13. “You must be really dark and unattractive”- WTF?! this response is incredibly colorist and ignorant too! :( Dark dark skin is beautiful! Sheesh, what a stupid thing to say. You’ve got your own serious issues for saying what you did. UGH, cut w/the hate on dark black skin. It is as beautifull as all the other tones and it does not follow that the writer “must” be dark and/or unattractive (totally ignorant and racist yes, as black babies are as cute as mixed or any others).
    The girls’ hair is fine . Why would you mess w/the younger daughter’s afro? It is natural, adorable and perfect looking! I hate seeing tight poytails and hair styles on little girls. It only causes eventual hair loss and damage (not to mention headaches). The oldest one’s hair is kinda messy but I find it refreshing when parents don’t have to stress themselves and their kids re hair. Let it be once in awhile, they’re kids.

    • @Jennifer, why does the person ho said marry a white guy have to be black? it could be a white person who thinks just as backwards. and what is wrong with being really dark? that is the best way to be. you wrinke less than those of us with less melanin.

  14. She is s gorgeous woman and so are the kids. She is a highly under rated actress.

  15. thank you Thandie for letting those little kinky heads BE FREE! they are too young to submit those lovely, nappy tresses into slicked back pony tails…like trying to hide the naps behind them. if Brad and Angelina can do it then so can Thandie

  16. These cute little kids look like hippies in the making. I can just see dreds, or hair shaving in the future.

  17. I think the photo is gorgeous regardless of skin tone and hair. Now come on. A lot of us have went out of the house especially on weekends and our hair is less than “perfect”. Especially little girls. Mama may not do that hair until Saturday or Sunday morning for church and yes you may spend Saturday with your hair in the same hairstyle from Friday. Her babies having the hair all out is no different than our babies on the weekend. I guess we are so “used” to see our celebrities looking all dolled up that we don’t realize they are human and regular just like us. Keep doin ya thang Thandie, Nico and Ripley, I ain’t mad atcha. I love it.

  18. Hair we go again. Women of african decent judging others about HAIR. This is what holds a lot of our young girls back. Swimming, enjoying sports, being free.

    Perfect hair is a throw back from slavery folks. We have to look perfect, speak perfectly, and so on.

    Thandie and her children are beautiful. I cannot see the images of those of you who have written a comment. But let me state that you all are beautiful regardless of hair texture, style, length. Beauty is found in the shadow of our actions, the depth of our humanity, and our ability to love one another.

    If you are one to ( as my parents generation was) to be “made” and dressed to the “T” before leaving your home — I say enjoy, and i hope you are doing it because you enjoy it and not because someone else is going to pass judgement. If you are one to go as is, enjoy and do so because you are comfortable being you.

    Take care everyone on this board. We can be HAIR today and gone today. Be kind.

  19. Jennifer from Number 13 and number 18 you guys said it best!!! Ignorant people are so annoying (#11 and 10) You two need to learn how to love yourselves!! Both of your comments were just plain stupid and ignorant!


  21. I always thought she was a very beautiful person. She is mixed race and I was on a website where she was talking about that. She now conciders herself more black than mixed. How can you just discount a part of yourself like that?

  22. I think it personal choice on how you see yourself and really nobody’s business but Thandie’s and her parents.
    The children are beautiful, but i personally have never seen an ugly child especially at those ages kids are always cut at that age. The hair is not only fine it looks GREAT. If you don’t like it then when you have kids (if you don’t have them already) then don’t there hair like that, do it how you want, thats your right as the mother/father (i doubt any men are on here, but i thought i’d throw that in as i’m all for equality!)

  23. Thandie is gorgeous! Cute kids. My best friend looks like her a lot!

  24. Thandie is super gorgeous! My best friend looks a lot like her! She really does!!

  25. Thandie Newton has to look perfect all the time for her job. Yes, it is important to put yourself together.The way you present yourself to the world is important. But, please. Children need to be free to be! We put them into rigid stereotypes-it’s completely dysfunctional and unhealthy. My daughter refuses to wear anything girly and she doesn’t care about looking “just so”. I gave up that battle long ago and instead I just nurture her own style and likes. It’s idiotic to treat our kids especially our little girls like they are for show!Thandie is elegant and graceful in tie-dye as well as on the red carpet. It has nothing to do with what you wear for god’s sake. It is how you present your inside! But of course in society we have all subconsciously agreed upon certain standards of dress that make us “acceptable”. Ridiculous.

  26. She’s beautiful and so are those babies in all their natural glory. I love it when people allow their hair to just do what it does and respect its beauty, so free and lovely.

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