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Usher Raymond IV Is Having A Boy, Usher Raymond V

I know you have heard the news by now, but if not Usher and Tameka are having a boy. I am very happy, now it doesn’t matter which one of his parents the child looks like (Some of you may have gotten the very subtle joke). I imagine he will be very handsome. Anyway, Tameka craves ice during the pregnancy, and Usher just hopes for a healthy energetic baby. Here is a recent picture of the bun in the oven. She looks more than five months, she’s awfully round, but that makes since considering she’s pregnant with her fourth child.

usher tam1 Usher Raymond IV Is Having A Boy, Usher Raymond V

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  1. I am so very happy and proud of Usher.He is gonna be a dad and that is good for him.Congratulations Usher and wherever u are know that u gat a big big fan who loves u and wuld do nthing to meet u or see u live.I wish to see him one day and I also wish him a happy life ahead.Go Usher u da man.We love u n u do us proud.

  2. holaaa!!..
    soy de chillee!
    ufff ,e fazinaa ezte cantantee!! uyy! si es lindo !
    para cantar y todo !! fasinante !!…..
    exelente q le valla supe riper bien!

  3. Usher now you know we suppose to have a child together me and you were together after the wedding and yo daughter is wondering where you at? take responsibility yo damn child need you

  4. trop coul

  5. usher now u know that i am one of your biggest fan i love taht song its 7:00 clock thats what i am trying to tell u thats what time u r going to be going up when the baby is crying i hope your baby come out healty cause i wont that baby to get the moves like you

  6. Usher, u’re 1 of da best, hate it or luv it i admire ur songs, u & ur baby, i wish 2 si 1 on 1 somday.
    ?Kip on d gud works, it’s really original. I’m a nigerian n hope 2 b shown on tv very as soon a singer.But some1 XTREMLY OUTSTANDING. Catchia pal …

  7. usher i llove u so much all of ur music and all ive been with u since i was 6 years old i didnt even now what some of ur songs ment but i still loved it hoe u have a wonderful life and know that in all u do a true fan supports it and im in ur corner 100% love and and hope to attend another concert *baltimore*

  8. it wounderfully baby i hope u hottiiiiie

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