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Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Clear Up Marital Rumors In Essence

For the second and final time. Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin are not getting a divorce. They are sticking it out to the end. In an interview with Essence.com they address the rumors with humor:

duane tish Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Clear Up Marital Rumors In EssenceFor the past month, the blogosphere has been filled with rumors about the future of your marriage. How are you holding up?

Duane: Mark Twain said it best: “A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” So I’m not going to defend myself against a gay rumor when I’m trying to defend my son against autism. We would look really stupid trying to take our focus off autism, which affects all of us, to fight a gay rumor. The reason we are talking today is because what we will defend is our 17-year relationship. Nobody is touching that. So whoever wants to rumble, let’s rumble.
Tisha: (Laughs) My baby’s smart! My baby daddy’s smart. My baby daddy reads.

How long have you been married?

Tisha: Only 11 years, but we’ve been together for 17.
Duane: Yep and I’m not going anywhere.

What were some of the reactions you received from your friends?

Tisha: (Laughs) The Wayanses told Duane that he matches too much and he should stop matching his clothes so much and maybe people wouldn’t think he was gay.
Duane: I said to Shawn, Damian and Craig Wayans, “Whassup, y’all didn’t call me. Yo that means y’all believe that s—! I didn’t get no jokes on my machine or nothing.” Craig said, “Yo man, we were scared.”
Tisha: (Laughs) They said Marlon (Wayans) said, “Man, we were in Above the Rim together; I need to call him.”
Duane: (Laughs) Marlon said, “Man, I’m mad at you! We all family. We love you, but the problem is, man, if you been gay all this time, I’m mad because you never hit on me. I’m handsome.”

So for the record, are you getting a divorce?Tisha: Hell no!
Duane: Listen, let me tell you something. I will chew her ass up and swallow it before I let somebody else have her.
Tisha: (laughs) Jeffrey Dahmer-style!

[Read Interview Here]

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  1. Happy to hear that it was all a rumor. We need to see more marriages staying together rather than falling apart, but that’s what the media does best, show us what’s not working as opposed to what is.

  2. hmmmm…the jury’s still out…

    I hope they are as happy as they say, tho

  3. I want them to last. Hollywood is tough and 17 years with one person is still amazing.

  4. Yes It is amazing.. I can’t stand to look at someone for 17 days…hahaha
    But I will say this…I hope that the rumors are not true.. How could someone just make this up?
    Regardless, they have worked things out and I am glad for them…
    Just remember what is done in the dark will come to the light……

  5. This is true love at its best.

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