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Beyonce American Express Commercial

Posted by on Sep 25, 2007 in Videos | Comments Off

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Beyonce American Express Commercial

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Mary Louise Parker & Her Adopted Kid From

Posted by on Sep 24, 2007 in Celebrity Sightings | 3 comments

Mary Louise Parker joins the crusade to save an African. I shouldn’t be so cynical, what’s wrong with celebrities adopting children of third world countries as if they were the new accessories of the season. I should look at the bottom line, and see the wonderful things these celebrities are doing. Maybe I don’t have a problem with white celebrities adopting children of color, maybe I have a problem with black celebrities not adopting any. I know there are kids here that need a home, too, but why do black celebrities shy away from adopting African children. Or maybe I’m just upset because I can’t find out what country this child is from. It just says Africa, like it’s one big country or something. Overall I think it’s a good thing, I just question the motives behind the trend. We’ll see how it works out in  10 years or so, when Mommy Dearest the sequel is made.

mary louise Mary Louise Parker & Her Adopted Kid From

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Melissa Ford Featured In Black Men Magazine

Posted by on Sep 24, 2007 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Interviews | 1 comment

Melissa Ford is revealing her body once again for Black Men Magazine.  I really don’t understand the video girl “modeling”, maybe in my younger years I could, but after a certain age don’t you move past that. Is it just another avenue to make easy money, or do some women like being objectified? Anyway here are some of the more conservative pictures from the spread, trust me there aren’t many.

melissa ford1 Melissa Ford Featured In Black Men Magazine

melissa ford2 Melissa Ford Featured In Black Men Magazine

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Lisa Raye Celebrates 40th Birthday

Posted by on Sep 24, 2007 in Celebrity Events | 5 comments

Lisa Raye knows how to throw a party, and for her 40th she brought the funk to Beverly Hills. Eurweb describes the Studio 40 party as non-stop dancing with plenty of fun:

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell Martin emceed the star-studded affair which included “old school” entertainment from Evelyn “Champagne” King and The Whispers. Both acts did not disappoint. They sang and sweated, we danced and sweated.

Let’s just say this was one of those parties where, if you came to get wet from sweat, you were in the place to be. It was definitely on and popping. After the live music portion and the Happy Birthday greetings, the DJ and hype man took over spinning serious hardcore old school funk.
Needless to say it was at that point that the beautiful birthday gal herself took over the dance floor and handled her business to the with the bad boy himself, Bobby Brown, while her husband, the honorable Michael Misick looked on with approval and appreciation. We might also add that LisaRaye is one incredible boogie woman.

lisaraye tisha Lisa Raye Celebrates 40th Birthday

[Lisa Raye & Tisha Campbell Martin]


nicole nicey dawn Lisa Raye Celebrates 40th Birthday

[Nicole Murphy, Nicey Nash, Dawn Lewis]


brat martins golden Lisa Raye Celebrates 40th Birthday

[The Brat, Duane & Tisha Martin, Golden Brooks]



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Mariah Carey In Manhattan

Posted by on Sep 23, 2007 in Celebrity Sightings | Comments Off

Mariah Carey was spotted in Manhattan hanging out with friends at three in the morning. She looks nice, and this is the most clothes I’ve seen her with since she left Tommy Mottola.

mariah black Mariah Carey In Manhattan

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