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Enough Is Enough Campaign Boycotts Debra L. Lee, CEO Of BET

On Saturday, Sept 15th, the Enough Is Enough (EIE) campaign led by Rev Delman L Coates, Ph.D, demonstrated outside the home of Debra L Lee, the Chairman and CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET). The protest was the first in series aimed at corporations that market negative stereotypes and images of blacks in the media. This protest is designed to hold others accountable for the negative images they sell to our community and our children. EIE‘s goal is to force companies to provide positive archetypes of blacks that are more representative of black families and values.

To learn more about Enough Is Enough, click here to visit their website.

 Enough Is Enough Campaign Boycotts Debra L. Lee, CEO Of BET

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MG Says: Oh My! They are not playing, they have a rally scheduled again on Saturday, Sept 22, at the home of Debra Lee. In case you don’t know where she lives they have also posted the address of her residence in Washington DC on their website at enoughisenoughcampaign.com.

Going to her house is a bit extreme, but if she’s living a private life from public negativity then I guess. I wonder who’s next: Jay-Z, Diddy, 50-Cents. Rappers and CEOs beware, or better yet, run.

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  1. mmm…don’t really know if this will accomplish much. I completely agree with what they are doing, but they have to realize that our culture is divided with-in.

  2. Yeah you said it best. I don’t know if this is even the best strategy.

  3. Definitely going to her HOME is too much they should be boycotting in front of B.E.T. wherever that studio is…AND like anything else on television we all have the option of turning the channel..

  4. Go to the web site to read about what these folks are trying to accomplish. the problem is most folks haven’t done the research but still have vocal opinions. Get educated and then make judgement.

  5. @ Rob G, I posted the article so obviously I read the site, and am fully aware of what is taking place. It’s quite presumptions of you to assume lack of education because someone doesn’t agree with the strategy. We are all bloggers and I am sure we are also informed bloggers.

    I think we all agree with Enough Is Enough, but there may be more appropriate ways to launch action against BET executives without going to their homes. We are not sure how effective this particular protest may be. Targeting the advertisers would probably be more effective, and would also put more pressure on BET since that’s their biggest source of income.

  6. we as African American Should stand together and not apart.

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