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Crackhead News: Devonte Swing & Dennis Rodman

I really don’t have any news to report. I came across these photos of Devonte from Jodeci fame, and Dennis Rodman. The photos speak for themselves and that’s why they made the crackhead news.

devonte swing Crackhead News: Devonte Swing & Dennis Rodman


 [Courtesy of YBF]


dennis rodman Crackhead News: Devonte Swing & Dennis Rodman

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  1. Wow! Dennis Rodman pissed himself in public. We really need to form an online prayer circle-lol

  2. Dennis Rodman is such a mess. I can’t believe anyone would actually marry that!

  3. Ms Grapevine, I JUST used some of those YBF pics to finally create my latest installment of “Good Hair Gone Bad” about Devante. Poor ol’ smoker.

    Hey Dennis, XYZ…

  4. Yeah, Dennis Rodman scares me!!!

  5. Miss the Toilet! this is a real CRACKHEAD! *LOL*

  6. Guys……This is not Devante Swing Degrate. I thought so also. After doing some research and coming across this picture a few times.. That’s an impersonator.. Thank Heavens…

  7. Goey00, I think that it is him, seen someother pics on the net, didn’t wanna believe it either… What a waste of talent, putting other folks on the map (Missy, Timbaland, etc) and smoking+snorting all that talent away… Just a damn shame.

  8. fuck yall haters yall just mad blood fucck dennis
    rodman though blood hes hella gay blood

  9. I don’t care what nobody say or think you can keep your negative comment to yourself about devante. He fine, gone always be fine, and living his life. So if you got a problem with that you can kiss devante ass, my ass, and maybe even you own ass. Haters yet up wit a bad bitch.

  10. I thought that pic of devonte looked a little too gay to be true. Phew! Now I can back to beleiving that I have a chance with him! :p

  11. i agree w. stringbean .

    devante is stilll sexy! :D
    and dennis rodman is a HOTASSMESS

  12. Well i just wonna say PICTURES DO LIE. How many of u have taken picture of urself and LOVED or HATED it so much because it showed a different look of urself…………thinking about it….. i think its happened to everyone of us, im just sayin i saw devonte up close at a afterparty in london and WOOOOOOOOOOW HE has still GOT IT GOING ON. Its ABOUT TIME we stop FINDING negative things to do and say, TRY start speaking POSITIVE THING ABOUT PEOPLE AND WE’LL GO A LONG WAY, and to all u guys out there ur just HATING cos devonte STILL LOOKS GOOD AND UR GIRLS PROB LIKE HIM OR SOMEONE FROM JODECI

  13. i agree wiv siarta tht is tru u all hatin cuz u jelouse

  14. I am no hater but just not understanding how people can see pics of Devante and isnt convinced he’s on something?what kind of cameras you’ll be using to make you look so damn diff.puulllleez!lets pray for the brotha b4 its too late!

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