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David Banner’s Open Letter To Black Leaders

Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity News | 3 comments

According to Eurweb, the statements released by SOHH and attributed to David Banner, regarding Al Sharpton’s attack on hip-hop, were comments made on a conference call and not that of a “formal Interview”. It was not David Banner’s intention to release a public tirade on Al Sharpton and other black leaders. In an open-letter David Banner writes to black leaders such as Oprah, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton to address his concerns in a more eloquent and thoughtful fashion:

Note: The letter is quite long so click continue if you want to read the entire letter

david banner.thumbnail David Banners Open Letter To Black Leaders

Wrote A Letter To The Government The Other Day!


Stop Attacking The Kids

To all the black ‘so called leaders’. Al, Oprah, Jesse, etc, etc, etc… I’m saddened by your current direction and current ‘pet projects’ you guys have taken under your wing at the expense of Young Black America. As an urban professional living in this crazy world, I dare ask, who are you leading?

I listen to what you say, I hear you complain about the youth, and about the direction of our lives, the kids, and where Black America is going and yet I still ask – who are you guys leading? And most importantly, where are we going? Do we know the goal we are trying to reach before we get there? Have we identified our end before articulating our means to an end! Who are you REALLY reaching? Why do you feel the need to attack the young generation for the things we are doing? “WHO DID WE LEARN THESE THINGS FROM?

We are trying to have fun in the midst of our traumatic circumstances. People are trying to make a living by any means necessary, people are voicing their experiences, people are speaking the truth about situations and honestly the truth hurts and sometimes it’s ugly. If music/hip hop/ rappers are wrong with the language they use, the images they portray in their videos – then come talk to us – I use the term ‘us’ as a collective because I’m defending what I have a passion for so this also involves me. Pull us to the side and say “hey kids, that’s not the way to go” and then we can say “change what we see daily so we cansing and rap about the roses and not about the bullets”. We will say, help give us better situations to create better verbal material”. Don’t just go running off to the media to air the dirty laundry of the family and not expect us to fight back in some kind of way. What you are doing is wrong and it’s pissing off a lot of people with less money and camera time!

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Forbes Reveals List Of Hip-Hop’s Richest

Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Celebrity News | 3 comments

Forbes ranks hip-hop moguls in order of what they made last year. Jay-Z leads the pack again, with 50 hot on his trail. This is just what they made in one year.

  1. Jay – Z- $34 Million
  2. 50 Cenet – $32 Million
  3. Diddy – $28 Million
  4. Timbaland – $21 Million
  5. Dr. Dre – $20 Million
  6. Eminem – $18 Million
  7. Snoop Dogg – $17 Million
  8. Kanye West – $17 Million
  9. Pharell – $17 Million
  10. Scott Storch – $17 Million
  11. Ludacris -$16 Million
  12. T.I. – $16 Million
  13. Outkast – $14 Million
  14. Lil John – $14 Million
  15. Ice Cube -$14 Million
  16. Jermain Dupree – $12 Million
  17. Swizz Beat – $12 Million
  18. Chamillionaire – $11 Million
  19. The Game – $11 Million
  20. Young Joc – $10 Million
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Family Potriat: Picture Of Brandy’s Daughter, Sy’rai

Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Celebrity Kids | 14 comments

Here’s a picture of Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai, and her half sister Rain spotted at Real Gossip…With A Passion.

brandy daughter Family Potriat: Picture Of Brandys Daughter, Syrai


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Kimora Lee Is A Barbie Doll…

Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Yes, the newest edition to Barbie is non-other than Baby Phat herself, Kimora Lee. Looking quite fabolous, I may add. Here is the full description of the doll from Mattel’s website (uh-oh it may be recalled before it’s made):

kimora lee Kimora Lee Is A Barbie Doll...Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie® doll epitomizes the Baby Phat founder and designer’s hip, street-glam flair! Created under the direction of Kimora Lee Simmons, a former model turned fashion/lifestyle entrepreneur, this dark-haired diva is dressed in a fabulous hot pink outfit, topped with a full-length faux chinchilla coat. Upping the cool quotient are bold, over-the-top accessories like pink thigh-high boots, chunky earrings and a designer bag. But the cutest accessory of all? Kimora’s adorable little dog, Zoe!



[Source] whatsuptamnews

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Kelly Rowland In Bikini Walking On The Beach

Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Sightings | 10 comments

Celeb Slam and YBF have photos of Kelly Rowland walking on the beach while talking on her cell phone in a bikini. Not very exciting, but check her out anyway in MIA…Click here to see more pics:

kelly Kelly Rowland In Bikini Walking On The Beach


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