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Site Down For Maintenance

Posted by on Aug 30, 2007 in Celebrity News | Comments Off

logo2 Site Down For Maintenance

Sorry guys, this site will be down for the next few days. Someone is trying to hack my system. I am putting up new security measures so that my subscribers will be safe. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I need a few days to safeguard my site and get this issue resolved. Check out some of the other cool sites on my blogroll, and I hope everything will be worked out by Monday. Have a great week-end.

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Producer Polow Da Don Just Can’t Keep His Foot Out Of His Mouth

Posted by on Aug 30, 2007 in Celebrity Interviews | 3 comments

Producer Polow Da Don made some stereotypes about black women vs white women, and had quite a media buzz going. In cased you missed it, click here to read his original statement regarding black women and submission.

In another interview with allhiphop.com (AHH), Polow Da Don is back to defend those his previos statement. Yes, he has even more to say. In case you think it’s going to get better, ladies please beware:

polow Producer Polow Da Don Just Cant Keep His Foot Out Of His MouthAllHipHop.com: Now, you call yourself the “King of All White Girls.” Elaborate on that for me.

Polow Da Don: Just the “King of the White Girls.” I ain’t self proclaimed but I run with it. [Laughs] There was a stage in my life where I went crazy with dating white women. I have nothing against black women, but they’re raised differently. White women are raised to respect and serve their men. Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant. Just look at the divine order; it goes man, woman, child.

moma don Producer Polow Da Don Just Cant Keep His Foot Out Of His MouthAllHipHop.com: Do you think that your mom would agree or disagree with your statements?

Polow Da Don: She would definitely say I was right. I love my mother because she is a strong woman. My mother came from Japan. My mother was born in Japan so she has very strong morals. At the end of the day, she definitely believes in letting the man be the man of the house. She definitely believes in family because of what she went through in life. My mother was adopted, so her family is like her only real family. Me, my brother, my sister and my father, we are her life. So she just looks at family a little different, she values it. Of course they have arguments, but they are a healthy couple. But at the end of the day, my mother remains to be a woman, so it makes it so much easier for my father just to be a man. So we were always clear about who was who and what was what. My mother is very strong, she’s actually stronger.

It’s not that I’m attacking Black women; Black women have done this to themselves. Well I’m not going to say that. They didn’t do it to themselves, but they are a part of the cycle, which means they’re not helping the situation by not looking at the problem. So let’s take White people out of it, and take any other race out of it. I used White women as a comparison because so many Black people get mad because I say that I’m the “King of the White Girls.” First of all, saying that I’m the “King of the White Girls,” how can you find that disrespectful as a Black woman? You are an idiot. If anything, I should have Klansmen feeling disrespected; I should have White women feeling disrespected as far as a Black man saying he’s the king of the White women. It’s not disrespectful to Black woman at all. If a white man says, “I’m the King of Black women,” would [Black women] be mad at the White man? Of course you would be, and so would Black men. You think a White woman would be mad at a White man saying, “I’m the king of Black women?” No, they won’t be mad. So I don’t understand how a Black woman can feel offended by me saying I’m the “King of the White Girls.” I didn’t come up with that. Like I said, a White man came up with that title for me. But, Black women do need to get their shit together, period, point blank. And if you’re in denial of that, you are part of the problem.

AllHipHop.com: Another statement that offended people was when you said either Black people are idiots or white people are geniuses. I think they interpreted the statement as your personal feelings. Do you remember that statement?

Polow Da Don: I think everybody keeps forgetting that I’m Black myself. And what people like to do is, once somebody gets a little money, all of a sudden you’re not one of “them” anymore. The problem is, most of your readers, especially on AllHipHop.com, don’t know who they are and don’t read, and are not educated. N****s don’t read books. Now when you print that, a lot of people are gonna get mad. But I’m gonna tell you something, White people already know this. It’s not a secret so don’t get mad at me for stating the facts.

AllHipHop.com: I feel you. So do you have anything else to add?

Polow Da Don: Yes. I am no longer calling myself the “King of White Girls,” I am the Prince. Quincy Jones had the baddest white girls ever, and the most. I did my history and I ain’t got s**t on Quincy Jones. [Laughs]

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Ciara & Eve At Club Tao in Las Vegas

Posted by on Aug 29, 2007 in Celebrity Events | 28 comments

All the celebrities are flocking to Vegas for the week to enjoy MAGIC Marketplace, a fashion convention, but more importantly to party. Ciara and Eve stopped by the red carpet for a few poses during the Signature Apparel Party at Club Tao.

ciara tao1 Ciara & Eve At Club Tao in Las Vegas


ciara tao2 Ciara & Eve At Club Tao in Las Vegas


ciara tao3 Ciara & Eve At Club Tao in Las Vegas

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Tagged: Face Behind The Blog

Posted by on Aug 29, 2007 in Celebrity News | 4 comments

I was tagged by Lisa C, one of my favorite bloggers to do The Face Behind the Blog. It’s very simple, sometimes we just want to see the faces behind the blogs we love.

meson Tagged: Face Behind The Blog


Well checkout a photo of my fellow blogger Lisa C .

I’m also tagging Richboi of Babes Bling & Booze, Purple Zoe of Ultraviolet Underground, African-American Political Pundit, Sheila of E-Spot, and Tayo of All Tayo.


Apparently, this tag was started by a guy name David Airey, and the rules are as follows:

Step 1
Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already show a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

Step 2
Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.

Step 3
Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

Step 4
If you link back to David here and drop a comment; he’ll be sure to include links back to you. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

fbtb Tagged: Face Behind The Blog



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Scans of Mariah ‘MiMi’ Carey From Interview Magazine

Posted by on Aug 28, 2007 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Interviews | 1 comment

She has more clothes on in these scans than she did on the magazine cover. It would be nice if she left a little bit more to the imagination, especially since she is talented, but I guess that’s too much to ask. MiMi is still being emancipated from her clothes. Anyway, she looks beautiful in this editorial.

mimi interview scans Scans of Mariah MiMi Carey From Interview Magazine

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