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Usher Has Secrets To Hide, Too

Obviously this is no fault of Usher and nothing to be ashamed of, we all probably got one in the family. According to an tabloid article scanned by UsherForever.com and posted at Sandra Rose: Usher Raymond, Sr. has been arrested and is serving time for petty theft and drug related crimes. I’ll let you read the article for yourself instead of posting excerpts. Usher has a lot of negative press right now, and a lot of it…is not derserved.

ushersdad.thumbnail Usher Has Secrets To Hide, TooRead Tabloid Article






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  1. Damn,usher’s dad is still around? now i know why he never talks about his daddy

  2. well,what he’s think,what he’s say or what he’s do
    don’t matter for nonody
    Usher il ove u
    and support u anything…

  3. well i support u
    my boo

  4. So his father is a addict! What does that have to do with the man and his talent. Let us move on, wow it must have been a slow news week!

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