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Twista Cut From McDonald’s Live Concert Tour

Posted by on Jul 31, 2007 in Celebrity News | 1 comment

twista Twista Cut From McDonalds Live Concert Tour Rapper Twista was cut from McDonald’s Live Concert Tour for his “controversial lyrics”. If I was Twista I would file a lawsuit, McDonald’s knew his lyrics were controversial when they signed him to the tour. On the other hand, people are tired of misogynist lyrics, racial slurs, and derogatory words in rap music.


Read an excerpt from the AP Wire:

Rapper Twista, who was tapped by McDonald’s to perform during its nationwide concert series, has been dropped from the lineup because of his “controversial lyrics,” the fast food giant said Monday.

McDonald’s, which initially signed the rapper to perform in Chicago for its 10-city concert series, said it could no longer support Twista for the Aug. 7 performance.

“Although we respect free speech and artistic expression, we do not condone or perpetuate derogatory language,” said spokesman William Whitman in a statement. “We want to ensure these free concerts are fun as well as appropriate for all of our customers.”

When asked why they booked the rapper, given his content, the company referred back to the statement.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Twista said that in some ways, he was surprised by the announcement, “especially after hearing from certain people that represented McDonald’s that they were fans of the music and they were excited about the whole thing and that they backed me, and then to hear a few a days later that I was actually not on the show.”

However, he blamed the increased criticism of hip-hop in the wake of the racial flap over former CBS radio and MSNBC broadcaster Don Imus for putting pressure on the corporate giant to drop him from the series.

“They started hearing things … feeling like they were getting a little flak, and I felt like rather than stick by me and stick through it, they got scared,” he said. “I’ve been rapping the same way for 15 years. It only became a problem when Don Imus said something negative about black women and they needed a scapegoat.” [Source]


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Britney Spears Strips – Breakdown Take Two

Posted by on Jul 31, 2007 in Celebrity Photos, Crackheads, Embarassing Moments | 2 comments

Oh my, I don’t know what to say. I am glad I don’t have a daughter for I wouldn’t know what to do, either. I present Britney Spears on the set of her new video:

brit strip Britney Spears Strips   Breakdown Take Two

Back Story: Brit continued her busted breakdown while filming a new music video. Sources told the Daily News that she seemed “disoriented” and “erratic” during the shoot for her new single “Get Back.”

The tawdry train wreck seemed “wobbly,” said one source, and had to keep stopping for frequent bathroom breaks. “You could see she was getting a bit wobbly, but no one expected her to throw a complete fit. Suddenly, she was in floods of tears and stormed off set. She eventually came back but was sobbing hysterically.” The shoot, and Spears, had to be called off early. [Source]

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Celebrity Fashion: Deja Vu

Posted by on Jul 31, 2007 in Celebrity Fashion | 1 comment


                   ashanti look Celebrity Fashion: Deja Vu

[Source] Urban-Hoopla.com




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It’s All About Family: Travis Barker, The Simmons

Posted by on Jul 30, 2007 in Celebrity Events, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity Sightings | 6 comments

It’s nothing like seeing a dad with his children. In recent news we have Eddie Murphy acting like his doesn’t have a baby to spend time with, but not all hollywood dads work that way. Checkout Travis Barker and Russell Simmons spending quality time with their daughters.

family travis russell Its All About Family: Travis Barker, The Simmons

Also, checkout the Simmons Clan at the 8th Annual Art For Life “”Not So Mellow Yellow“.

family simmons Its All About Family: Travis Barker, The Simmons

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Where Have They Been: Tamala Jones, Tevin Campbell, Melinda Williams

Posted by on Jul 30, 2007 in Celebrity Photos | 4 comments

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen these stars on the small screen, big screen, and in the studio. I wonder what’s going on in their lives, and if they have any new projects in the works.

where Where Have They Been: Tamala Jones, Tevin Campbell, Melinda Williams

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