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Is Britney Playing A Huge Practical Joke or Is She Really Crazy?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Crackheads, Juicy Gossip | 3 comments

Couretsy of A Socialite’s Life

I don’t think anyone is this crazy even if they are bi-polar, no not even Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston on crack. This is a sick joke, and I hope it back fires on her. She is a disappointment to her family, children, and fans. Grow Up!

britney Is Britney Playing A Huge Practical Joke or Is She Really Crazy?According to multiple sources, Britney’s behavior during the interview was “nothing less than a meltdown.” She was, according to our sources, “completely out of it” during the shoot. The photos are “so bad” we’ve learned, that to publish them could “kill her career.” Apparently, Brit Brit’s eyes rolled back in her head at one point, causing her to look half dead. Her mood, we’re told, was extremely erratic. She took frequent bathroom breaks our source says, and each time she returned her mood would change. She was also completely paranoid during the entire interview, fearing at one point the ceiling was about to cave in on her.

At one point, Britney ordered up some fried chicken to munch on. We’re told after she chowed down, she wiped her hands on a several thousand dollar Gucci dress that she was wearing for the shoot, staining it with grease. Yuck! One of her dogs also needed some assistance in the housebreaking department. Our on-set spy says that the dog pooped all over the floor, and Brit used (what else?) — a Chanel dress to clean it up! [Source]

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Unreleased Tupac Songs In Suge Knight’s Hands

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity News | 1 comment

tupac Unreleased Tupac Songs In Suge Knights HandsLOS ANGELES — Tupac Shakur’s mother is seeking to prevent his former label, Death Row Records Inc., from selling the late rapper’s unreleased recordings as part of a bankruptcy settlement.

Afeni Shakur sought an injunction in federal bankruptcy court Friday claiming Death Row was attempting to sell Shakur material that belonged to the rapper’s estate.
Unreleased recordings should have been turned over to the estate as part of a 1997 agreement with the record label, said attorney Donald N. David, who represents the estate.

But during Death Row’s bankruptcy proceedings, “it was revealed that an album’s worth of unreleased Tupac material was being advertised to potential buyers as the jewel in the crown of the Death Row assets,” David said. [Source]

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested On DUI Charges, Again?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity News | 1 comment

lindsay mug Lindsay Lohan Arrested On DUI Charges, Again?Lindsay Lohan was arrested in the Los Angeles area early on Tuesday on suspicion of drunken driving and cocaine possession, just days after she completed a 45-day rehabilitation program, authorities said.

Already facing a drunken-driving charge following a car crash in Beverly Hills two months ago, Lindsay was pulled over in the coastal city of Santa Monica shortly after midnight.

Police said they had received a report of a car chase and that Lohan and two companions were in the pursuing vehicle. A police spokesman said he believed the people in the two cars knew each other.

Lohan was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test. Police said she registered a blood-alcohol level of about 0.12, well above the California limit of 0.08.

Lohan was booked on suspicion of drunken driving, possession of cocaine, bringing a controlled substance into custody and driving on a suspended license. [Source]

She was released after posting a $25,000 bond, a police spokesman said.

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Lisa Bonet Still Having Children

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 8 comments

Courtest of Ultraviolet Underground

Lisa Bonet (39) and partner Jason Momoa (27) welcomed a baby girl into the world. This is Lisa Bonet’s third child. I need to move to Hawaii, if the men look like that. J/K

lisabonet Lisa Bonet Still Having Children

According to Media Takeout, Lisa Bonet has a daughter Zoe, 18, with rocker Lenny Kravitz; and a son Desikachar, 13, with former yoga instructor Bryan Kest.

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This Is Why They’re Hot…

Posted by on Jul 24, 2007 in Celebrity Fashion | 4 comments

The Beckham party made celebrities step up their game. Check out Serena Williams and Lisa Raye. I almost didn’t recognize the two. Get you shimmer on!

hot lisa serena This Is Why Theyre Hot...

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