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This Why I’m Hot…BET Awards

The Best Dress:

hot 1 This Why Im Hot...BET Awards

Rihanna was so beautiful last night. She looked clean and refreshing in her all white. Ciara got a new pose, and it works. Her mouth isn’t open and she’s not winking or waving.

hot 2 This Why Im Hot...BET Awards

McLyte looks young, and slim, and feminine. That’s always a plus. Vivica looked so pretty on stage, she had a glow. This is the first time since Top Model that Eva looks like a model to me. Eva was Elegant and it’s a tie between Eva and Rihanna for best dress in my book.

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  1. EVA the DIVA takes it! By far. You have it right, Mrs. Grapevine…that’s why they hot…and those below, that’s definitely why they not!

  2. Kelly was killin’ em in that dress.

  3. … But yeah, Eva does take it. Everything is working there.

  4. beyonce look sooo fine and beatyfull and hot and so kelly both look beaty

  5. i like the dress

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