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Nas Celebrates Illmatic’s 20th Anniversary

Posted by on Apr 18, 2014 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Throwbacks, Music Releases, New Music, Videos | 2 comments

Tomorrow will mark the 20th year since Nas released his debut album Illmatic, and 20 years later not only has he been labeled as a hip hop legend in just that city of New York but worldwide. For the past few months the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the legendary album has been endless. This week Nas released Illmatic XX, which is a remastered version of the original album along with unreleased remixes and an unreleased track, “I’m a Villian”. Aside from that, there has also been a number of interviews that have been released. These interviews shed light on Nas’s upbringing in the Queensbridge section of Queens, NY. Along with reflections from hip hop heavyweights who talk about Nas’s journey as well as his huge impact on the hip hop game. Nas also performed the entire Illmatic album in it’s entirety last month at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. as apart of his “One Mic: Hip Hop Culture Worldwide Festival.

nas illmatic xx 608x608 Nas Celebrates Illmatics 20th Anniversary

Just this past Wednesday the documentary Time Is Illmatic premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Directed by One9 and written by Erik Parker, the documentary talks about the making of the album as well as the influence it has had on the hip hop culture and even the musical impact Nas’s father Olu Dara has had on him.

Check out more when you continue. . .

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Scandal’s Harrison Suicidal – Columbus Short Chokes & Threatens Wife With Knife; Wife Files For Divorce…AGAIN

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Celebrity Cheating, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Divorce, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandal | 2 comments

Just weeks ago Columbus Short was facing felony charges for beating family friend unconscious after the friend made some rude comments about his wife, Tuere Short. At first it seemed that Columbus Short was defending his wife’s honor, but shortly there after we learned that Columbus Short has a serious history of violence that includes multiple assaults and domestic violence claims.

Death at a funeral columbus short Scandals Harrison Suicidal   Columbus Short Chokes & Threatens Wife With Knife; Wife Files For Divorce...AGAIN

According to new reports, Tuere Short is filing for divorce, AGAIN, with a restraining order after a failed reconciliation with her husband. Tuere is accusing Columbus Short of choking her, pulling a knife on her while threatening to slice her throat, and forcing her to confess to affairs with random men by playing a violent game of Truth or Truth. At the end of this horrible ordeal, Columbus threatened to take his on life. Sounds like Columbus Short is going to need Olivia Pope in real life. All jokes aside these are some serious allegations, and Harrison needs to disappear from Scandal until he gets some much needed therapy. Details according to TMZ when you continue below.

WARNING: The details are pretty graphic and disturbing:

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RHOA Porsha Williams Glamorous Mug Shot; Warrant Issued For Kenya Assault

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Lies, Celebrity Mugshots, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Reality TV, Celebrity Scandal | 6 comments

Porsha Williams turned herself into the police after an arrest warrant for simple battery was issued for her arrest. She has since posted a $2000 bail, and has been released. Porsha Williams is accused of assaulting Kenya Moore during the reunion taping of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This fake assault case is just a waste of tax payers’ money. Karma wanted Kenya Moore to get her wig snatched on that day, literally, and Porsha just happened to have been the face or body if you will of Karma. But at least Porsha looks flawless in this here mugshot.

Yes, a warrant for simple battery exists, however, she is not in custody. {-Sgt. Gregory Lyon of Atlanta}

Porsha Williams Stewart Mug Shot Mugshot Glam RHOA Porsha Williams Glamorous Mug Shot; Warrant Issued For Kenya Assault

Kenya Moore is pressing charges against Porsha Williams for assaulting her during the reunion special of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is some bull, but

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New Music Video: August Alisna ft. Fabolous “Get Ya Money” & August Goes Off On 106 & Park Host Keisha Chante & More. . .

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity NSFW, Music Releases, New Music | 3 comments

Now that his debut album Testimony is finally in stores, August Alsina has been all over promoting the album. One of the biggest stops on his promotional tour was New York City where he made a visit to both The Breakfast Club of Power 105.1 and 106 & Park. During his interview he spoke to DJ Envy and Angela Yee about his beef with Trey Songz and how he rather not deal with his attitude. He gets more personal and talks about the current relationship with his mother, how life has changed and the crazy fan interactions he has had. However, the highlight of his promotional run thus far happened when he made the visit to 106 & Park. Co-host Keisha Chante mentioned the Trey Songz situation and August simply replied:

I just told ya’ll not to ask me that sh*t when I got up in here.

Check out the clip below:

I can understand his frustrations because that’s been the number one question in his interviews and he is steady trying to promote his debut album and it seems like everyone is only trying to add more fuel to the fire.

Check out the “Get Ya Money” music video & Breakfast Club interview below. . .

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Charlamagne Makes MiMi & Nikko “Donkey Of The Day”; Says MiMi Is Better Off On Stevie J’s Bus

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandal, Videos | 2 comments

You already know Charlamagne from Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club has a knack for words. He has a certain gift for saying the things we’re all thinking but with a little bit of humor. So it’s no surprise that MiMi and her “boyfriend” Nikko share the title for Donkey of the Day. If you’re wondering why shower rods have suddenly become popular on social media, it’s because MiMi and Nikko are starring in their very own “home video” featuring the now infamous shower scene to be released by Vivid Entertainment sometime this month.

While many people are trying to defend MiMi by playing the “she’s grown she can do whatever she wants to card”, Charlamagne explains why MiMi is better off with Stevie J than she is with Mr. Nikki-Nick-Knack-Nicotine.

Stevie J dogged you out, but Nick-knack hoed you out…How in the hell a sex tape turn into an exercise tape…

Poor MiMi, I wonder if she’s having any regrets, yet. I just don’t understand making these choices in your mid 40′s. It’s not for me to understand, but I do feel that

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T.I. New “Bachelor” Pad Fuels More Separation Rumors

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Divorce, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity News, Celebrity Tea, Celebrity Wives | 2 comments

I know Tiny and T.I. have another season of The Family Hustle to promote, but something is just not right here. We try to ignore the rumors and stay away from things we can’t confirm, however, we think it’s very strange that T.I. and Tiny live in the same city, but live in separate homes. We also find it odd that the two haven’t been seen together in public although they have a family show to promote. Couples go through things, and this just may a stage in the life of people who don’t have traditional lives, but according to Straight From The A, T.I. has reportedly been living in a new house while Tiny is living in the old house.

…if you do one of yo Chateau Sheree drive-bys to [ADDRESS REMOVED] you might get a glimpse of T.I. in his (only his) new crib but you ain’t hear that from me. Lol!!!! (really you didn’t hear that from me.)

T.I. Buckhead Bachelor Pad No Tiny T.I. New Bachelor Pad Fuels More Separation Rumors

I don’t know Tiny, but you can always e-mail me, we never did finish that interview. I would be happy to set the record straight. I won’t believe the rumors until it comes from Tiny’s mouth, but the optics don’t look good. More photos and juice via Michelle when you continue to Straight From The A

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MiMi Faust Feels Some Kind Of Way About Your Shower Rod Jokes…

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity News, Celebrity Reality TV, Celebrity Scandal, Embarassing Moments | 0 comments

All grown people have the right to do what’s best for them, but hopefully you should be evolving and moving forward in life when you have the opportunity, and not moving backwards. I guess MiMi, 45,  is tired of Joseline calling her a maid, but I will say there is more dignity in being a maid who owns the business than being the star in a homemade movie that will give you five minutes of fame and money that will be gone in a year.

I know some of you don’t see what the big deal is, and others like me have some strong opinions about the matter. Either way here’s what MiMi Faust wants you ton know:

MiMi Faust Speaks Out To Haters Of Sex Tape MiMi Faust Feels Some Kind Of Way About Your Shower Rod Jokes...

So I guess the change she gets from this tape is worth more than the negative publicity, or the dignity. Hopefully she will use to expand her maid business.

P.S. - Please do not go to Wal-mart, Target, or K-mart looking for shower rods. You need to hit a Restoration Hardware and bolt that shower rod into the studs of your wall in order to do chin-ups like MiMi. You may also want to add some weight training and a gym membership. #IJS Mimi strong…and shower rods are not.

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